About Us / Eco Sourcing

Eco-sourcing is a simple but commonly mis-understood ecological concept that is fundamental to the work of Scrub Growers Ltd.

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Eco-sourcing is a simple concept involving the use of local plants for local projects.

Scrub technical definition =
Eco-sourcing involves the collection of seeds from local naturally occurring parent plant populations in order to encourage a broad genetic base of plants that are evolved to suit local conditions.

We are constantly advocating for greater use of genuinely eco-sourced plants in revegetation projects, which can be achieved through better project planning, along with educating plant buyers and lifting the current level of eco-sourcing awareness in the nursery industry.

Scrub Growers eco-sourcing policies, process and procedures adhere closely to the accepted industry standard for eco-sourcing i.e. the Waitakere City Council Eco-sourcing Code of Practice and Ethics, and we have successfully completed the eco-sourcing audit process with the Royal NZ Horticultural Society.

A key component of our overall eco-sourcing framework is to ensure our collection procedures are ecologically sustainable, with good quality seed collected in a sustainable way from known well-documented location(s).

All staff of Scrub Growers are familiar with the companies eco-sourcing policy and during day to day nursery operations our unique seed registration system runs throughout our nursery production supply chain.