Consultants / Rural Landuse

Farmers are increasingly required to improve on-farm environmental management practices and Scrub Consultants has considerable experience working in this area. We are able to assist with the following services:

Farm management plansFarm plans typically address environmental, infrastructure and farm productivity considerations and may provide a range of other information depending on the scale and objectives of the project. Components of a farm plan may include:

  • Infrastructure analysis (fencing, water reticulation)
  • Soil type analysis, fertilizer regime
  • Mapping (soil types, fence layout, natural features, LUC’s, LMU’s)
  • Stock mgmt. (stock units, animal health issues, land mgmt. units)
  • Natural area mgmt. (riparian mgmt., native bush mgmt., erosion)
  • Farm productivity (budgeting, performance goals)
  • Work programme
  • KPI’s, monitoring and review

Riparian mgmt. plansAddresses the site characteristics and management requirement of riparian margins associated with a waterway, stream, wetland, river. Typically address issues such as stock access, fencing, weed control and planting along with the dual benefits of provision of stock shelter, woodlot production, stream bank stability, water quality enhancement.

Farm mappingFarm mapping services we provide include aerial map production, fencing/ paddock plans (incl. paddock numbering and areas). Maps can be produced via desk-based work or field checked (incl. via GPS) to inform mapping.

Funding grant applicationsWe are able to work with landowners who are considering applying for funds to subsidise fencing, planting or weed control programmes.

These services can take the form of onsite discussions with farmers about environmental management through to the preparation of detailed plans with a 5-10 year timeline. We recognize farmers have a lot of experience on the land and the outcomes here are often collaborative, working to achieve improved environmental and farming productivity outcomes.