Consultants / Subdivision / RMA

The preparation of all necessary ecological-based documentation to accompany Resource Consent applications is one of our core business services. These documents are required by Council for subdivisions in which natural areas are legally protected (covenanted), physically protected (fenced), and restored (via planting, weed control and animal pest control). The basis of this consent work sees the environmental gains offsetting the potential negative effects of subdivision.

Our services may include the preparation of any documents noted in the project planning section (hyperlink), but additionally may include specialist resource consent documentation such as:

Bush and Wetland Assessments (under the Rodney Section of the Auckland District Plan)Scrub Consultants have to date field surveyed and assessed over 2600ha of forest habitat and 287ha of wetland habitat in the Rodney region. We are well versed in the assessment rules in the Rodney Section of the Auckland District Plan 2011 and offer a unique level of expertise with the only ecologist working on a day to day basis with the District Plan rules for bush and wetland protection.

Rodney’s work with the bush and wetland rules spans 10+ years and started with a partnership with the infamous local farmer/ botanist/ conservationist and natural area assessor Arthur Dunn (of Dunn’s Bush fame).

Scrub Consultants provide the following services relating to wetland and forest assessments:

  • Site visits and advice on subdivision options
  • Mapping and scaling of areas (via CAD/ Council GIS/ aerial files)
  • Preparation of wetland and bush assessment reports
  • Best practice restoration advice to bring areas up to District Plan assessment standards
  • Liaison with Council staff, auditing consultants, planners and surveyors
  • Advice on legal protection/ covenanting options
  • A full implementation/ operational service via Scrub Growers

If a natural area requires restoration before it will qualify under the District Plan rules, we are able to offer advice, including best practice restoration methods, to ensure an area will meet the various assessment criteria in the District Plan in to the future.

Significant Enhancement Planting Plans (under the Rodney Section of the Auckland District Plan)The consultancy has been closely involved with a number of projects associated with the significant enhancement planting rule in the Rodney Section of the Auckland DP. We have undertaken feasibility/ scoping work, completed Revegetation Plans and guided resource consent applications and managed the ecological aspects of the process through to consent completion.

Ecological management plansThese management plans are a hybrid of a Restoration Plan and Assessment of Environmental Effects. They typically assess habitat quality, address any potential ecological effects, and propose management actions to avoid, remedy or mitigate.
The consultancy has completed ecological management plans under the Swanson Structure Plan, in urban high density subdivision sites in Orewa, and associated with Landuse and Resource Consents to establish houses amid natural areas in Hibiscus Coast, Waitakeres, Waiheke and Mangawhai.

Assessment of environmental effects (AEE’s)An Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) is a vital part of the resource consent process, with AEE documents identifying the effects of a proposed activity on the environment, and how any negative effects can be avoided, remedied or mitigated.
As specialist terrestrial/ restoration ecologists we are able to produce AEEs that assess and determine the impact of a project on a specific terrestrial habitat. Avoidance, remedying and mitigating measures are detailed. Field surveys and research is undertaken to help inform the AEE and ensure a high quality document is produced.
We have completed AEE’s for 1-5 lot subdivisions in Whangaparaoa, a 30-lot subdivision in Glenfield and a 12-lot subdivision in Hatfield’s Beach.

Conservation subdivision plans and constraints mappingWe provide a range of mapping and constraints mapping options in association with our RMA services. This includes natural area maps, scaling and area measurement, site constraints and characteristics, weed survey maps whether via GIS or CAD based mapping software.
In the preparation of all these documents we work closely where relevant with planners, surveyors, Council staff, engineers and the applicant.
Should it be required our services also extend to providing expert evidence in the field of terrestrial ecology as relevant to issues or disputes that may lead to Council hearing procedures and the Environment Court.