Scrub Growers is a specialist native plant nursery propagating exclusively eco-sourced native plants for small to large scale native revegetation/ wetland projects primarily in the greater Auckland area.

We are unique in that we only grow native plants for use in environmental restoration projects whether these be large-scale revegetation projects (e.g. 100,000+ plants) wetland restoration (e.g. 5,000 – 10,000 plants) or small scale community planting projects (e.g. 500 plants).

Established in 2004 in rural Wainui, we now propagate 250,000+ plants annually and have built a sound reputation as one of the leading suppliers of high quality revegetation plants in the Auckland market. The bulk of our plants are contract grown for projects that will be implemented by our own team, however each season we also grow a certain quantity of plants for the general market.

We consistently draw on our knowledge of other facets of Ecological Restoration to improve both the quality of the service and the quality of the plants provided to our clients.  Having an understanding and appreciation for the wider issues involved in ecological restoration, we frequently add value for our clients by guiding them on best practice eco-sourcing techniques, plant species selections, container sizes etc.

We propagate all our plants from seed which we collect ourselves and produce the bulk of our plants in a 0.6L pot. We have found this container size to be the ideal balance between supply cost and establishment success/ rates onsite. We also grow in root-trainers (Hillson) and 1.5L and 2L to provide other options.