Scrub Growers offers a full range of implementation services required for undertaking environmental restoration projects.

Our operational team was established in 2007, as a result of difficulties finding contractors capable of undertaking specialist restoration work on the ground in rural environments. The operational arm of Scrub Growers undertakes site preparation, environmental weed control, revegetation planting, animal pest control and ongoing maintenance and management of restoration areas.

Scrub Growers has a strong reputation for its extensive work with resource consent projects relating to the Significant Wetland, Significant Native Bush and Significant Enhancement Planting subdivision rules in the Rodney Proposed District Plan 2000. Under the Significant Enhancement Planting provision alone we have successfully completed 66 ha of plantings across the district since 2008, with approximately 1.9 million plants having been supplied and planted by Scrub Growers.

While we have the ability to prepare plans and reports for restoration projects, equally our operations team can work with existing documents/ specifications. In all instances our Operations team delivers projects at a best practice level as a result of their work being overseen by our in-house ecologist.

All of our consent-related projects must meet strict Council performance standards in terms of planning, site preparation, plant establishment, plant survival and maintenance and we continue to meet (and exceed) these standards on all our projects. We have a strong track record and reputation with resource consent professionals and we are well known for providing consistently high quality revegetation/ restoration projects with a high level of integrity and a commitment to maximizing environmental outcomes.