Operations / Environmental weed control

Environmental weed control sees us working to control weeds as part of a broader plan for managing existing native vegetation/ habitat (e.g. controlling privet in the understory of a bush remnant to enable understorey development), however this work can also be a component of a revegetation project (in the site preparation or maintenance phases).

We undertake a range of environmental weed control work from the careful grid-searching of bush/ wetland/ scrub habitats for low density weeds, through to the initial control of large areas of weed species via deck-mounted spray units.

We use a number of control techniques including foliar spraying, cut and painting, drilling, frilling and our staff carry minimum introductory Growsafe and Approved Handler qualifications and either hold or are working towards qualifications including: Advanced Growsafe, Chainsaw certification, ATV/UTV operation, Registered Chemical Applicator.