Operations / Revegetation

Scrub Growers can undertake all aspects of work required for the successful implementation of a revegetation project, from planning, initial site preparation and weed control work, plant supply, contract planting, ongoing management (weed control, plant releasing, animal pest control), and monitoring.

We have extensive experience working on medium to large scale revegetation projects across the Greater Auckland region. Our projects may range for 1000 plants that may be required to supplement existing vegetation (eg buffer planting to existing bush area) to 100000+ as part of a full scale reinstatement of native habitat (eg. Significant enhancement planting for subdivision).

Because we are able to offer a fully integrated collection of services (or part thereof) our projects provide clients with a greater degree of accountability and efficiency with one contractor replacing the need for up to 3 or 4 contractors.

Revegetation is often mistaken as the simple act of planting trees, however this approach can lead to problems down the track if ongoing management is not incorporated into the revegetation programme from the onset. These projects often require specific management actions to occur at various times through the year. Scrub Growers has the experience, expertise and resources to ensure that these happen at the optimum time to suit require outcomes of each individual project.

We are well resourced to undertake small to large scale revegetation contracts, and have a range of high quality gear and equipment along with a specialized fleet of 2wd/ 4wd vehicles which allow us to access and safely and efficiently deliver plants in to most planting areas.