PROJECTS / 5D Investments Ltd Restoration Planning

Services: 18ha Revegetation Plan, Bush Assessment Report, Delivery, Eco-Sourcing, Maintenance and Monitoring with Reporting., Pest Management Plan, Plant Propagation, Planting, Site Preparation, Wetland Assessment Report
Location: Dairy Flat
Date: 2009 - ongoing

Arial Plan showing revegetation work

This project started in 2009 with a vegetation survey and analysis of the subdivision options available on this rural Dairy Flat property. A series of detailed ecological reports were prepared on the properties natural areas including the revegetation of 18ha of pasture to native bush under the District Plan ruling relating to Significant Enhancement Planting. In 2010 Scrub Growers were contracted to undertake the revegetation works which included 18ha of pasture revegetation using 90,000 plants and the revegetation of a 0.5ha wetland area and its buffers utilizing 9,000 plants. We have been involved in ongoing management of the areas including replacement planting, maintenance and monitoring. The revegetation has reached sufficient maturity to allow the first round of diversity species to be planted in winter 2013.