PROJECTS / Cue Haven Restoration Plan

Services: Delivery, Full property Restoration Plan, Maintenance and Reporting, Plant Propagation, Planting, Seed Eco-Sourcing, Site Prep
Location: Glorit
Date: 2008 - ongoing

The project started in 2009 with the preparation of a full property Restoration Plan commissioned by the landowners and part-funded by the Biodiversity Advice Fund administered by DoC. The landowners were looking at the feasibility of retiring what was a marginal small block (24ha) and restoring native biodiversity across 95% of the property. The plan included full property mapping, field surveys, a work programme, implementation costings and liaison with regional and local Council staff.

The plan proposed a 10 year period for the revegetation work which is on track for completion in 2017. As part of the implementation of this plan Scrub Growers has supplied more than 60,000 plants to the project, with a further 25,000 plants in production for 2013 planting. In 2010 the landowners sought to increase community involvement in the project, doing so by enlisting the help of volunteer planters from International Student Volunteers (ISV), Conservation Volunteers, Trees for Survival, and a number of other community and corporate groups. Scrub Growers remains actively involved in the project assisting with logistics (off road plant deliveries, plant layout etc), attending at community planting days and delivering educational content to student groups.

The original 2007-2008 plantings are now approaching canopy closure and are ready for diversity planting, with these plants being grown in the small onsite nursery developed with the help and design advice of Scrub Growers.

Scrub Growers is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the plantings where the major concern is wide spread kikuyu that has been dominant on the site for many years prior to commencing the project. Control is carried out using Haloxyfop applied by a combination of back pack and deck mounted spray unit.

Cue Haven is a unique privately funded restoration project with committed landowners who are achieving excellent environmental and community/ social outcomes. Further information on their project is available on the project website