PROJECTS / Harvey Family Trust – 18ha Significant Enhancement Planting & Wetland Restoration

Services: Council Funding Application, Delivery, Maintenance and Monitoring with Reporting., Plant Propagation, Planting, Restoration Consultancy, Seed Eco-Sourcing, Site Prep
Location: Dairy Flat
Date: 2005 - ongoing

Beginning in 2005 with wetland assessment work associated with a resource consent application, we were also involved in a successful Council Environmental Initiatives Funding (EIF) Bid to voluntarily plant out a wetland buffer/hillside on the site.


Broad scale control of kikuyu for site preparation via 18m boom.

In 2010 we became involved in a larger resource consent application for the property which involved the retirement and planting of 18ha of marginal land under the Significant Enhancement Planting rule in the Rodney District Plan. We are also currently restoring a wetland area on the property.

A Planting Plan was prepared by Scrub Consultants in 2010 as part of the resource consent documentation, and Scrub Growers has undertaken all aspects of the implementation of this plan. Prior to planting the site was covered in a dense sward of kikuyu which was controlled by blanket spraying via a 18m tractor-mounted boom sprayer.

In winter 2011 Scrub Growers supplied and planted approximately 75,000 plants using a mixture of 0.6L and Hillson Root Trainer grades to 12ha and a wetland area. Seed has been collected for the propagation of diversity species for planting in 2015. The control of kikuyu continues to be the primary maintenance task.  The germination of annual weeds (carrot weed, plantain, inkweed etc) has been dense in the absence of grass cover; however these are not being controlled as they do not compete with plants beyond the first summer.

The last 6ha area is scheduled for planting in winter 2013.