PROJECTS / Otakanini Topu Farm Plan

Services: ecological and infrastructure mapping, Farm plan compilation, Landuse planning, Pest Management planning
Location: South Head
Date: 2010 - 2013

Otakanini Topu is the Auckland region’s largest Maori-owned and managed landholding. Scrub Consultants was contracted by Auckland Council (then ARC) to compile a Sustainable Farm Plan for the 2500ha property which spans from coast to coast across the South Head peninsula north of Parakai. The project involved a number of collaborators including soil scientists, land mgmt. staff, archaeologists and the Topu’s Farm Manager Ray Monk. The Sustainable Farm Plan document provides a guide for the Farm Manager to use in developing the farming operation over the 5-year term of the plan. Some initial outcomes form the process included a significant wetland area (SNA) being fenced off adjacent to South head Road, and some changes in stocking regimes to lighten weights run on the erosion prone (and archaeological site rich) sandhills that run through the property. The wetland is now one of the sites for the IKHMG (Integrated Kaipara Harbour Mgmt. Group).

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