PROJECTS / Solway Deer Farm Riparian Planting

Services: Maintenance and Monitoring with Reporting., Plant Propagation, Planting, Seed Eco-Sourcing, Site Prep
Location: Warkworth
Date: 2005 - 2010

Since the establishment of the 5-year Auckland Regional Council led Mahurangi Action Plan in 2004, Scrub Growers has been the main nursery/ planting contractor involved with the catchment-based riparian management project, the focus of which is to reduce sediment loading in the Mahurangi Harbour. Our nursery has eco-sourced, propagated and supplied over 100,000 0.6L plants to 14 farming properties involved in the project.  Our implementation and planting team have planted the bulk of these plants, while we have also been involved in site preparation work on many of the sites.


Catchment areas prior to work

Of the landowners involved with the project, Solway Deer Farm has undertaken the most extensive riparian restoration work, with Scrub Growers supplying a total of more than 50,000 plants to the farm between 2005-2010. Our planting team has planted the bulk of these trees, with the balance planted during community planting days, during which nursery staff have assisted with plant layout, advice, quality control and delivery of educational content.

The scope of this project did not extend to include ongoing project maintenance, however Scrub Growers has carried out a low level of maintenance at their own expense to aid in the establishment of these plantings (primarily kikuyu spraying).

Solway Deer Farm Ltd were awarded the Fish & Game New Zealand Award 2010 for excellence in riparian management at the 2010 Biannial Deer Industry Environmental Awards.  One fo the planting sites on the property was also utilised as trial sites for testing the viability of using open ground raised plants (a project funded by the Sustainable Farming Fund) in native revegetation plantings.  This involved working with forest scientists from Scion to install trial plots and carry out monitoring of these.

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