PROJECTS / Waitawa Regional Park – Contract Growing for 18ha of revegetation

Services: Delivery, Plant Propagation, Seed Eco-Sourcing
Location: Clevedon
Date: 2011 - 2013

Scrub Growers Ltd was awarded a 72,000 plant contract to supply eco-sourced plants to a large revegetation project within Auckland Council’s, yet to be opened, Waitawa Regional Park on the Clevedon coast. This contract was closely contested by a number of large nurseries including Taupo Native Plant Centre, Naturally Native Ltd and Kauri Park Nurseries.

project_Waitawa_1The planting site is coastal and has hard soils types, receives salt-laden winds and has a predominantly northerly aspect, so the need for genuine seed eco-sourcing to be undertaken becomes even more imperative to project success. Seed could not be collected solely from within the park, due to a lack of species abundance preventing collection from a significantly diverse range and number of parent plants. Instead a suitable collection range confined to the Clevedon coast was identified in preference to collecting indiscriminately from the wider Hunua Ecological District.

Collected seed was sown in early spring 2012, with plants potted up in 0.6L pots for the colonizing/ pioneer species and 1.5L post for the diversity species. Delivery shall commence early in winter 2013.